Female werewolf anime

female werewolf anime
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Dog or wolf, her adorableness easily earns her a scratch behind the ears. One of the best things about anime is how populated it is with adorable furries and animal-human hybrids that indulge the fantasy of possessing a few of the best and cutest traits of our animal friends. She could be considered the dark horse of the group, but even so, she can't avoid being cute just the same, not with those fluffy ears. She is one to be approached with caution. If the answer is yes and there is at least one anime eye patch girl that you like, check out the article to see 15 of the best!

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Elyse. Age: 27.
female werewolf anime

But what makes her so cute, apart from her big moe eyes and all her wolfy fluff?

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Michaela. Age: 28.
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The 15+ Best Werewolf Anime Of All Time

On top of that, like all the best deities, she loves her wine and beer, and makes us wish we could all be that adorable when we're drunk. Here are the twelve that made the cutest list! Aika is a famous thief possessing a tattoo that's actually something called a Lost Precious, something which lets her turn into a half-wolf. You'd think that a werewolf fathering a child with a human woman would be cause for concern, but the biggest things the mum Hana really worried about were all the normal things like, whether it would be born healthy and

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