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I would have no problem mating with an Asian woman. Finally someone who gets it. Scientific research on the success of Kenyan runners has yet to discover a Cool Runnings gene that makes Kenyans biologically predisposed to reaching for the stars, or any scientific basis for Gladwell's argument that they just care more. Maybe he just doesn't want to be the guy a woman settles for. I just told her "you say that you wouldnt now, but if you met Matt Read her fav hockey player , im sure i'd be forgotten within 10 seconds".

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Aitana. Age: 23.
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This is the reason I choose not to date outside my ethnicity - the fact that you are more skilled in English probably means that you will speak English to other ABCs, even if they also speak Chinese.

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Brylee. Age: 29.
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That doesn't make him suitable mating material because his track record indicates that it is most likely a temporary thing. There's different levels of black people, and apparently reddit isn't exposed too many black people in general in fact. I mean this is like all women honestly.

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