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I know a friend of mine would sometimes play with her step-brother when they were in their early teens, but that also included letting him play with her to. Over the next several years she introduced me to all the masturbation secrets she had been keeping to herself. She would rub herself on top of my clothed cock, but I was frightened to let her see it. She said something like, no way or no you can't, and i told her it really does grow. That of how I learned to masturbate Shadow

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Harlee. Age: 27.
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How long have I been rubbing my penis the way I was doing.

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Eloise. Age: 23.
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She thought this was really neat and asked if she could touch it. Again, to me this was not sexual, it was just something we did together because it felt really good and it was fun to have someone else to do it with. As it would have been really enjoyable. As well as on my thighs too.

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