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Horrific photos have emerged of a husband's gruesome injuries after he hacked off his penis following a dream. Speaking after the horror, the husband said: "Prior to the incident, I had a dream in which three unidentified women appeared to me and ordered that I drink battery acid, which I did the following morning without the knowledge of anyone. It was after cutting it off that I regained consciousness.

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Trent Gates, 23, from Washington DC, cut off his todger in April after being inspired at the age of 15 to remove his sex organs by pictures of another castrated man. He severed his testicles with an ultra-sharp ceramic blade in a dangerous DIY op back in January to complete the transformation. The year-old sliced off his todger in his apartment using a ceramic knife sanitised with alcohol and ice water.

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That's one method of doing it, yeah. Photo via Flickr user Jiuck. That's one method of doing it, yeah Photo via Jiuck.

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Published: May 7, Trent Gates, 23, on the right, did a do-it-yourself castration and now feels freer without his penis and testicles. A wacky Washington IT worker has hacked off his penis and testicles in a bloody bid to be a eunuch. Nullos are extreme body modification enthusiasts who remove their genitalia — and often their nipples — for a smooth look.

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In ancient civilizationsthe removal of the human penis was sometimes used to demonstrate superiority or dominance over an enemy. Armies were sometimes known to sever the penises of their enemies to count the dead, as well as for trophies. The practice of castration removal of the testicles sometimes involved the removal of all or part of the penis, generally with a tube inserted to keep the urethra open for urination.

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Always, penis this and penis that! Pay attention to the penis! Be a slave to your penis!

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T he emergency service men, one nurse recalls, all sat with their legs crossed protectively. One of the emergency men found it, another picked it up and they put it on ice in a hotdog bag, because life has greater temerity than any fiction writer and drove it and the mutilated man to the hospital. If, inyou were of any age at all, anywhere at all — for it was the severed penis heard around the world — you will remember at least these bare facts.

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A man woke up from a drunken night out with his pals to find his penis cut off. I bet that put his hangover into perspective. The man, named as Tan by media in China where the incident happened, went out on 7 May with some mates for drinks and food.

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A Florida man is in custody for allegedly using a pair of scissors to cut off the penis of a man he suspected of sleeping with his wife. Alex Bonilla, 49, was arrested Sunday after his neighbor told a deputy that Bonilla tied him up at gunpoint and cut off his penis with a pair of scissors. Bonilla then allegedly left with the severed penis, according to a police report from the Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office.

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A short time later, Graham allegedly used both middle fingers to flip off the student who witnessed the earlier exchange. A social worker knocked on our door and wanted to talk to our son about the situation. Graham was not fired. Graham, who moved about 60 miles away after the incident, was served the summons on March 12 of this year.


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