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It disrupted them—they lost a lot by his death. We did look for them, but we couldn't find any. Have you noticed any attitude shifts about zoophilia since the media first covered Mr. Hands was a bit of a weakling: He was an intellectual, he worked for Boeing as an engineer. There was this element of cocks , big cocks. They were afraid that if they were outed, they'd lose everything—which is exactly what would happen.

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They wanted the studs and the bulls.

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The Strange, Sad Story of the Man Named Mr. Hands Who Died from Having Sex with a Horse

Zoophilia is not a cohesive thing. There's already enough trouble about people deciding if we should keep doing tests on chimps, but to talk about if we should be allowed to fuck them, too? Did they pick specific horses from the farm, or were they down to be fucked by any horse?

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