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If you ported the heads and went with a larger cam, maybe. I've been told many things but I just made mods on my LT 1 engine. If I decide to go for mor I'll go with a complete engine with HP. I was told by several Vette motor builders that the LT4 hot cam kit alone will pump out HP at the crank and with the additional mods I will make well over HP. In the real world, if you start with an LT4 engine, add Long tube headers, LT4 Hot cam, Port and match the heads and intake, 52 mm T-body anything bigger than that is a waste , a good cat back system, and an electric WP, you'll get about RWHP depending on how good your tuner is.

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I'm currently running side pipes and would like to run a set of header into them but I'm having a hard time finding a set of reasonably pr

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Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies. How much compression are you looking to add? You are correct that adding the LT4 heads will get you to about HP range crank.

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