Inequities in adult mortality

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This report provides a comprehensive policy framework to eliminate racial disparities in maternal and infant mortality. If the fact that the United States has the highest maternal and infant mortality rates among comparable developed countries is not bad enough, the survival rates for African American mothers and their infants are even more dismal. Maternal mortality affects U.

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Srinivas, Goli : Demographic convergence and its linkage with health inequalities in India. This thesis comes out at a time when the debate on between-state and social group demographic and health inequalities continues to be largely debated based on most recent available information. However, analyses based on the recent demographic and health data have serious limitations in terms of understanding the true trajectories of between-state and social group inequalities.

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Since the incidence of both was not equal for rich and poor, it is likely to also have affected disparities in health and survival chances by income. Using concentration indices to measure health inequality, we demonstrate that both the mean mortality level and absolute inequality in mortality by income rose rapidly untiland declined again sharply since the rollout of free ART. Relative inequalities in mortality by income, however, remained fairly stable over the — period.

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Inthat number rose to In the United Kingdom, the number was less than 9. In Canada, it was less than 7.

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Using data from the UN World Population Prospects, we document global trends in lifespan inequality from until Our findings indicate that i there has been a sustained decline in overall lifespan inequality, ii adult lifespan variability has also declined, but some plateaus and trend reversals have been identified, iii lifespan inequality among the elderly has increased virtually everywhere, and iv most of the world variability in age-at-death can be attributed to within- country variability. Such changes have occurred against a backdrop of generalized longevity increases.

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There is ample evidence that social factors, including education, employment status, income level, gender and ethnicity have a marked influence on how healthy a person is. In all countries — whether low- middle- or high-income — there are wide disparities in the health status of different social groups. Health inequities are systematic differences in the health status of different population groups.

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The featured article describes an effort to identify the estimated to women who died from pregnancy- or childbirth-related causes in in the U. Other articles highlight critical maternal health issues in the U. The fundamental right for respectful, high quality health care should extend beyond the perinatal period to accommodate women throughout their lifespan.

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We accordingly decided to test the hypothesis that health inequities widen—or shrink—in a context of declining mortality rates, by examining annual US mortality data over a 42 year period. Using US county mortality data from — and county median family income data from the — decennial censuses, we analyzed the rates of premature mortality deaths among persons under age 65 and infant death deaths among persons under age 1 by quintiles of county median family income weighted by county population size. The observed trends refute arguments that health inequities inevitably widen—or shrink—as population health improves.

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Adult mortality varies greatly by educational attainment. Explanations have focused on actions and choices made by individuals, neglecting contextual factors such as economic and policy environments. This study takes an important step toward explaining educational disparities in U.

It is divided politically into 7 provinces, 81 cantons, and districts. Its 8 indigenous populations are distributed across 24 territories. Of the total population, 2.


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