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People assuming certainly hurt me, but I think through my journey I have let that go. Same with the parking spaces. Maybe she should squeeze him into a bottle and sell it. This is the same US government and mainstream medical community that told us for decades that margarines made from hydrogenated oils were better for us than butter. I think we tend to deride in others what we fear in ourselves.

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Brylee. Age: 29.
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But not everyone who has weight issues is a flat slob who just eats doritos and watches Judge Judy all day.

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Lailah. Age: 32.
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That is an excuse to not take care of yourself and while our society does not make it easy to follow a healthy lifestyle- it is possible, with discipline! What WAS: people who eat too much and exercise too little. They want to eat eat eat and not take responsibility for the weight they gain.

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