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During the opening sequence, Sonya is quickly overpowered and taken hostage by Shao Kahn, but is saved by Johnny Cage before Kahn can execute her. In the final battle between the Earthrealm warriors and Shao Kahn's kombatants, Sonya engages and defeats Ermac. Sonya finally manages to escape when the chains embedded in the ceiling become loose after another large explosion from above, using leverage to pry herself free. In the beginning of MK11, she sparred against Cassie Cage during the military title promotion match. The Earthrealm warriors are victorious in the battle and Earthrealm is restored to its normality. However, due to Kronika 's interference, younger versions of Johhny Cage, Jax Briggs, and Sonya were brought to the current timeline.

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Sonya warns him that her friends will find him, but Kano reveals he is using the very info she sent them to lure Jax and Stryker into a trap.

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Sonya Blade - Mortal Kombat

She wears upper arm bands and chunky forearm bands. Sometime later, Kano comes to visit her, to taunt and mock her, prompting Sonya to spit on him in disgust, though Kano furiously headbutts her and draws his knife, threatening to kill her like he did her partner. Sonya then heads for the warehouse control room and sees Jax chasing Kano on one of the security monitors before racing after them. The Demolition variation gives her grenades to use against the opponent in various ways, but she can only have up to three of them stored before having to call in a Drone to give her more.

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