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Ever wanted to know the secrets to becoming a power bottom? Want to know how to look after the bottoms in your life? Curious to give it a try but not sure how to begin?

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Being a proud member of the anal sex fan club is fun for so many reasons. One is that I get to do things like investigate anal-sex-induced bleeding for you, dear reader. Trust me when I say I understand how alarming it can be.

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The idea that anal sex always hurts is a common myth, not unlike the idea that vaginal intercourse always hurts the first time. Neither of these is true. Doing it right also means paying attention to your body and knowing how to respond when you notice a change in how sexual stimulation is feeling.

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Recently, I experienced this pain in my butt. One time, I felt a fleshy material coming out of my anus. What is this?

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I'm a man. This is embarrassing and I can't face going to see my family doctor. Last Friday I went out with friends, got very drunk and invited another guy back to my place.

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Talk to your partner about the prospect. Also, the "accidentally-slipping-it-in" move is an asshole thing to do. You can cause serious damage by pulling a stunt like that.

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Have a question about sex or sexual health? Send it to sexQs buzzfeed. First of all, I would like to thank you for all you do.

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One of the most popular sex positions has long been a taboo topic. We tapped an expert to get the bottom of anal sex so you can too! There's nothing like having a Sex and the City -esque chat with your friends to make you feel ahead or behind the sexual curve, particularly when that curve is the butt.

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But it can also raise a bunch of intimate questions you might feel too embarrassed to ask, well, anyone. Thankfully, asking doctors intimate questions is kind of our forte here at SELF. Using lube is a must during anal play, Joseph FrankhouseM.

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Is it untold pleasure? Is it sensuous closeness? Is it discovering unknown intimacy? Could it even be the best orgasms you can have?


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