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Harding, who is under investigation in the Nancy Kerrigan assault case, is still on the roster for the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway, next month. Tonya Harding of Portland, Ore. Figure Skating Championships at Portland in Detroit.

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After Tonya Harding's name became synonymous with an assault scandal that rocked the buildup to the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, many people remained interested for better or for worse in the story of an Oregon girl whose proximity to violence forever colored her in the public eye. In the twenty-four years since Tonya Harding's then-ex husband Jeff Gillooly hired Shane Stant to club Nancy Kerrigan's leg and stop her from competing in figure skating, Harding made brief forays back into the spotlight, but none have thrust her farther back into it than the release and success of the biopic I, Tonya. Tonya Harding was left with nothing of her former career when she was pronounced guilty of hindering prosecution and forced to remove herself from the United States Figure Skating Association.

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More than two decades on, Tonya is still reluctant to discuss the attack that brought her more fame than figure-skating ever could — despite currently walking the red carpet at various premieres of the Oscar-tipped biopic of her story. The movie I, Tonya — which stars Margot Robbie as the shamed skater — throws fresh light on the affair by basing the script on interviews with Tonya and her ex-husband. In JanuaryNancy was in Detroit, preparing for the Winter Games in Lillehammer, Norway, when she was struck with a baton on the back of her right thigh.

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Everyone who was around in the '90s remembers the tabloid saga of champion figure skater Tonya Harding and her competition on the ice with Nancy Kerriganan Olympic rivalry that turned violent. For several weeks in earlythe news was filled with the story, especially after Kerrigan was battered in the leg with a collapsible police baton by a mysterious assailant. Associates of Harding and her husband Jeff Gillooly were quickly implicated, as was Gillooly himself.

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Born to an abusive mother, LaVona Fay Golden, in the seriously un-glam poverty of s Oregon, Harding's life started out under tough circumstances, and has continued that way for most of her years. Although it often appears that Harding was complicit in the sale of the tape, she truly was not. From an interview inshe defended herself, "I was trying to be cute for Jeff.

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The disgraced skater is losing weight and skating again, and is excited to see her story told on the big screen. Note: This article originally appeared on Oct. The ensuing scandal became an international sensation.

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By Laura Italiano. Notorious Olympic hellion Tonya Harding is barely recognizable as she sits smoking a cigarette in her Mickey Mouse pajama pants outside her Washington state home a few days ago. Back in the s, the skater Salchowed her way from superstar to laughingstock after then-husband Jeff Gillooly hatched a failed plot to disable rival skater Nancy Kerrigan by clubbing her in the leg.

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The Tonya Harding scandal glittered like a gaudy figure skating tutu, the makings of a Coen Brothers comedy emanating from each phony bauble. In the end, no one got seriously hurt, the buffoonish plotters wallowed in disgrace and, eventually, prison while Harding wept and the world laughed. The soap opera unfolded in time to provide tabloid comic relief amid two double murder cases that captured the public's attention.

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Sign in. Now we know what sex with her would be like. Although the first and last few minutes are filmed hand-held while the rest is filmed on tripod, Tonya and Jeff definitely reviewed similar films beforehand to perform as they did, assuring the viewer that they knew what was desired to be seen.

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