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And then, of course, you have to talk about how sad it makes you to a million interviewers. Reading that, it made sense when I was rehearsing this character because she was, at the start, a little bit disconnected, and maybe my voice went higher than normal? There was always this underlying paranoia that I would get fired if I looked fat or heavy on camera. My body was allowed to go through changes and fluctuate. But I also have to say, because I hate when people make things so cut and dry, that you can have a high-pitched voice and be connected to your identity. Hearing when it has resonated—with the depression storyline , anything that has resonated with someone

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After Season 3, I really think that it was all uphill.

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Her voice register started to drop and she felt more connected to her gut. We made a romantic comedy and flipped it on its head. People associate a higher-pitched voice with a baby voice—women who are and can be infantilized and sexualized.

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