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With Johnny in Federal custody, Phil became acting boss of the Lupertazzi family, and on the surface was faithful in continuing the work of Johnny Sack. During the abortive war with the Soprano crew over Tony's Frelinghuysen Avenue operation, he authorized Tony to arrange to have Carmine assassinated. Johnny Sack sometimes chafed under Carmine's leadership of the family, particularly over Carmine's apparent plans to name his hedonistic and catachresis -prone son Carmine Jr. In a scene where he and other members of Phil's crew are meeting after hours in a beauty salon, Butch is seen putting away barber's scissors and utensils, suggesting that he is a barber or beautician by trade. This would mean he was invisibly pulling strings in certain situations to sabotage people or deals.

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In the sixth season, Johnny entrusted Phil Leotardo with the role of acting boss while he was in jail.

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Artie is able to figure out Martina is the criminal in his staff, meaning it was Benny's scam. He ordered Phil to maintain a good relationship with Tony and avoid starting a war over any business disputes, particularly the new office park construction project — another shared venture like the esplanade project. He suffers from Spondylosis. While Butch will not give up Phil's whereabouts it is earlier established that Phil will not tell Butch where he is , he gives consent on behalf of the Lupertazzi family for Tony to hunt down and murder Phil.

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