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If they are in error, or if your name appears on a render you did not create, please contact me and let me know. If you find a posting or message from Daddy offensive, inappropriate, or disruptive, please ignore it This page is dedicated to my socks fetish! Contact with these render artists! Hope you're enjoying your visit! If you, viewing this page, are one of the artists, or know how to contact the artists, please write to me.

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Katherine. Age: 27.
phausto comics

If you find this subject objectionable, I suggest you move on to another page or another site!

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Audrey. Age: 26.
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Superboy BY Phausto

The lists of the artists who create the amazing gay art and 3D renders and links to their pages! With most of them, I only have a few samples of their work and have not found a way to contact them. Click my pictures to go to Daddy's Bio.

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