How do you make fake cum

how do you make fake cum
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And of course eggs can contain salmonella — not a good fake cum ingredient! Some men are able to ejaculate just as you see. With our device and Kum product, you can make the same number of movies in a day that it would usually take a week to shoot. Things like cold medicine can inhibit the ejaculatory reflex and prevent men from cumming. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Some men are able to ejaculate just as you see.

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How To Make Fake Cum, Semen, Sperm

Fortunately, there is an easier route to making fake cum that avoids all of these problems: Just buy your fake cum from MagicMoneyShot. Fake Semen — Shoot it Like a Pro! Having fake cum is not only great insurance, but it allows adult movie producers to make several movies — or one movie with several endings — all using the same male model. Cornstarch and arrow root are examples of food stuffs that you can ingest and so these might be a better option for those looking to swallow fake cum.

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