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Critics call her a right-wing jihadist or Sarah Palin with a pedigree: Liz, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, is keeping the family tradition alive with aggression, defamation and the rewriting of history. Another critic called her a right-wing jihadist, and yet another said she had the same rude manners as her father. Her propensity for getting talk show discussions red hot within seconds has all the fairness and charm of a partisan guerilla ambush.

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When President Obama called Mitt Romney a "bullshitter" in the pages of Rolling Stone earlier this year, it set off a brief firestorm. Defenders of the Republican candidate were shocked — shocked! In truth, the halls of the White House like nearly every other house in the country, with the apparent exception of Romney's have heard no shortage of profanity over the decades.

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Note: There is an excellent new photo of me up on our Photos page. This week we salute those ordinary people, some of them nameless, who committed absurd and heroic acts of defiance against the forces of humorless authority over the last eight years, who yelled the rude truth over the drone of official lies or committed hilarious blasphemies in the most solemn shrines of Assholism, cheering our hearts and buoying our spirits in a dark and deeply unfunny time. Were it not for a lapse in compositional foresight I would have placed Muntader al-Zaidi in the first panel, and not only because he is the most recent and highest-profile hero of the Bush years.

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Or rather, one for the f-word? There are real data now to help answer such a question. Relatively recent technologies — cable television, satellite radio, and social network media — provide us with a not-too-unrealistic picture of how often people swear in public and what they say when they do. Before these new forms of reporting, the media provided a fairly sanitized view of spoken English.

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In an ugly exchange on the Senate floor with Democratic senator Patrick Leahy, the vice president told the senator to fuck himself. The use of an obscene word is not what shocked me. We've known at least since the release of the Watergate tapes that political figures who maintain an air of propriety in public often use crude language in private conversations.

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It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! We all wish we could, I suppose.

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A member of the Democratic PartyLeahy held the position of President pro tempore of the United States Senate from December 17, to January 6,and was thus during that time third in the presidential line of succession. Senator to have served during the presidency of Gerald Ford. Leahy received the title of President pro tempore emeritus in January

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Vice President Dick Cheney, long portrayed by his aides as unperturbed by partisan attacks, admitted Friday that he ''probably'' cursed at a senior Democratic senator this week, said he did not regret it and added that he ''felt better afterwards. Then Mr. Cheney quickly reverted to type, flying here for a tightly scripted campaign rally where he never mentioned the incident in a speech on terrorism and the economy to an adoring Republican crowd.

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Said a Mississippi resident to the vice president during yet another administration press conference, 11 days after the storm hit:. Donald Trump says his administration will not provide any waivers or relief for Apple Mac Pro components built in China, and said Apple should instead build its products in the U. Luckily, there are more options for you than just Dropbox these days.

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Just incredible: the head of the NRA argued that he needed the nonprofit to buy him a luxury mansion because he was worried about being a target after Parkland. Wayne LaPierre, the longtime head of the NRA, told associates he was worried about being targeted and needed a more secure place to live after 17 people were gunned down at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. Frankly, it confused me. Documents indicate that the National Rifle Association planned to purchase a luxury mansion in the Dallas area last year for the use of chief executive Wayne LaPierre, according to two people familiar with the records.


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