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While Imperial governors ruled over the coastal cities in the province, many of them had Argonian advisors from the Archein tribe. Frills and spines from the deceased may serve as decoration, while bones often make up the handles and business-ends of Dead-Water weapons. They ingest its sap during rituals, lay their eggs among its roots, and often live according to the Hist's will. Leaving the ruined city behind, the eastern army continued on their way to Riften but found it heavily fortified by the Nords , who were led by Jorunn the Skald-King and Wulfharth the Ash-King who was called back to Nirn from Sovngarde by the Greybeards. She saw an opportunity in this, and when taken back to Thorn she killed her Slavemaster and by way of duel took control of the Archein guards.

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Modern Argonian architecture is shaped by the concept of conquering Shunatei,'the pain caused by holding on too tightly to that which has come to pass', also described as the 'Fear of Death and Forgetting'.

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It also has no past tense or future tense verbs, only present tense. Of course, this is not true; Argonians simply do not facially express their emotions as much as man and mer do, though anger is easily detectable from their bared teeth and narrowed eyes. While being held there she received a vision from their Hist tree, one showing the Nords and Dunmer dying at the hands of the Akaviri.

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