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digital whiteface gif
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Ethan, in return, put himself in "white face" as seen in the gif and claimed that only white people and Jews can use it as a reaction gif. It's not like mimes are ever going to speak up about it. Want to add to the discussion? The whole Romantic era doesn't even real. Therefore, this is the correct way to see his post. I'm hella offended that you assume the degree of how offended I am.

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Millie. Age: 32.
digital whiteface gif

Just remember y'all, you can still use this gif if you're not thicc or white, just think about what you're doing first that way there's no issue!

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Morgan. Age: 26.
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Bitch, I got more chins than a Chinese phone book. Obviously we're not going to reverse this ruling on the spot, but next time please be considerate and bring matters like this before the committee before handing out temporary privilege passes so flippantly. As a certified White Person TM, you can only use it for the next two hours. I'll make sure to talk with the rest of the community before I grant somebody white privilege again.

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