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Manson: I wanted to say when I saw you and we hung out at radio city last month you were cute really sexy n beautiful ad I miss you : :. No one… no one… except that bee buzzing in your ear. Originally posted by nazgul HH: Come on, what's in your mouth? He does not look ashamed tho… Tsk tsk.

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Jaylene. Age: 22.
filthy gifs tumblr

So why was he texting you at… in the morning?!

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Aniyah. Age: 28.
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The 7 Phases of Becoming a Well-Paid Writer (as Told Via GIFs)

Synopsis : You know Manson from one 1 party, yet he feels the need to drunk text you his obscene propositions at 2 am on a Wednesday? You blink a few times, squinting through the dark at your phone. Originally posted by nazgul You collapse into the plush of your down comforter, feeling the fluffy feathers sink beneath you. You cuddle into your pillow.

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