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Very happy with the choice, after using Eola as a follower a while, decided to start using Jenessa again. My bosmer archer married Marcurio, because he's the dreamiest. Is that the Hagraven you can help? BTW, she may look like Angelina Jolie to you, but her personality My male Dunmer married Alfhild Battle-Born. I also wouldn't mind marrying Astrid from the Darkbrother hood either.

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Shelby. Age: 31.
skyrim angelina jolie

I may try with Aela in that game, because wshe's the hottest.

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Isabella. Age: 32.
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I Married Angelina Jolie!

I consoled him out of the picture after a few days. I don't even know her name. My male Dunmer married Alfhild Battle-Born. My new character Lily of the the Valley probably won't get married unless she develops a strong bond of trust with someone.

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