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I must confirm the magical thumb trick! My bf was a serious pain addict and begged me to be his SM Mistress. The first thing I am going to do is let you in on one of my biggest and best-kept secrets. My bf choked when the head hit his uvula. Actually asking your partner what he likes or what he thinks he will like is a huge turn on and it actually allows you to give the best blowjob, it shows enthusiasm on your end and it means he will get the best oral sex ever.

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women sucking big dicks

You can also make sure you have lots of saliva on his penis to mimic the sensations of a pussy, pair this with some of this flavored lube and it will feel amazing for him and taste amazing for you.

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I told my bf to hold on as I slipped my two middle fingers up the studs ass found his prostate and went at it. Go down on him, get to the point you feel comfortable with and allow saliva to awash his penis, trust me on this one. We have all been there, you unzip his pants and find a ginormous dick and you have absolutely no idea what to do with it and least of all how to suck it.

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