How to avoid adult choking

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Remember the first time you fed your pint-sized grandchild grapes or hot dogs? Truth is, anyone can choke, even adults who have been eating solid food for six decades. According to the National Safety Council, choking is the third leading cause of death in American homes, with foods being the primary culprit.

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Choking is a common problem for young children. Prevent choking by teaching children to take small bites, cut their food properly, and chew thoroughly. Also, if you have children age 4 or younger, childproof your home.

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The fourth leading cause of unintentional injury is choking, which kills over 5, people a year. When air cannot flow into the lungs, serious brain damage occurs quickly. Brain damage is unlikely within the first 4 minutes without air, but brain damage is possible at 4 — 6 minutes, probable at 6 — 10 minutes, and severe at plus minutes.

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There is a lot you can do to safeguard your loved ones and avoid this. Krasnoff, a year veteran in the field, has personally performed the Heimlich maneuver and has performed CPR on many people. Krasnoff asserts that the Heimlich maneuver is a common procedure at elderly healthcare facilities.

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It used to be so easy to munch a handful of nuts: chew, swallow, enjoy. Now, you avoid them or make sure there's a glass of water nearby when you eat nuts or any other foods that seem to get stuck in your throat. What's not normal is when food or liquids get into the lungs regularly," says Semra Koymen, a speech-language pathologist at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women's Hospital.

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Putting things in their mouths is one of the ways that babies and small children explore their worlds. Choking is usually caused by food, toys, and other small objects that can easily lodge in a child's small airway — anything that fits can be a danger. Spoonfuls of peanut butter and chewing gum also should be regarded as potential choking hazards.

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If a person is choking and cannot talk, cry or laugh forcefully, the American Red Cross recommends a 'five-and-five' approach to delivering first aid. To perform abdominal thrusts Heimlich maneuver on yourself, place a fist slightly above your navel. Grasp your fist with the other hand and bend over a hard surface.

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When food or another foreign object becomes stuck in the airway it can cause choking. Choking prevents oxygen from getting to the lungs and the brain. Lack of oxygen to the brain for more than 4 minutes may cause brain damage or death. Experts recommend using abdominal thrusts to treat someone who is choking.

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Choking is when someone is having a very hard time breathing because food, a toy, or other object is blocking the throat or windpipe airway. A choking person's airway may be blocked so that not enough oxygen reaches the lungs. Without oxygen, brain damage can occur in as little as 4 to 6 minutes.

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Choking happens when something—food or another item—is caught in the back of the throat. If the object or food blocks the top of the trachea a person may be unable to breathe. This is an emergency.


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