Virgin healthmiles app

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DIY Entertainment. Finance Self Improvement. Finding the motivation to get healthy and lose weight is hard.

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He sets a cool temperature in his bedroom, he keeps electronic distractions away from his bed and he routinely gets seven hours of rest. Boyce also meditates daily to reduce his stress levels. Companies can offer Virgin Pulse's services to employees as part of a benefits plan.

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The Dash app allows users to manually add weight, blood pressure activity, and duration while the BMI numbers and biometric information is automatically calculated. Going forth, employees can keep track of their workouts and caloric burns and even have access to summaries and graphs which correlate their weekly and monthly progress. Apps and tools like this which incentivize positive employee behavior and performance are becoming more of priority for employers looking to create a stable and productive work force.

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Virgin Pulse is a software service, not connected to the health insurance industry, that allows employers to promote health and wellness to its workers by connecting health tracking devices — that can monitor anything from sleep patterns to heart rate to number of calories burned in a day. Also, the company offers a wide-array of health and wellness related services to promote positive behavior change, which they say should lead to happier and more productive employees. Dumont added that the promise of the quantified self, for individuals to track their own fitness and wellness, and for employers to see if their workers a leading happy, healthy lives, is the big draw of HealthKit.

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Let the journey to a healthier, happier you begin. Virgin Pulse supports iOS Thank you for using the Virgin Pulse App!

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Print instructions for How to Earn Points. Learn More about Virgin Pulse. Start walking!

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What is Virgin Pulse? Virgin Pulse is an incentive program that works much like a frequent flyer program - except under the Virgin Pulse program, you get rewards for getting active and staying active. The program is all about making small, consistent changes in your lifestyle that will go a long way toward a healthier you - plus there will be some cash in your pocket for your effort!

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Virgin Pulse rebranded from Virgin HealthMiles in late and announced a new, broader focus on employee engagement, not just health. The program also tracks team progress to encourage better habits, offers health coaching in nutrition and exercise, and pulls in data from various consumer fitness devices. GCC, which has been in operation for about 11 years, also creates challenges for employees, but on a much grander scale.

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I was told by Virgin Pulse customer service that it was a server issue with Fitbit. Does anyone have any updates on this? I have been seeing the same behavior starting about 5 days ago.

The free Virgin P. Read more. Create new healthy habits with the Global Challenge app by your side.